Lies that satan loves.


  • your weight defines how important you are
  • you’re not good enough
  • you’re worthless
  • you aren’t beautiful
  • your grades are proof you aren’t smart
  • throwing up your food will make you pretty
  • you’ll never find love
  • you’ll never be forgiven from your past
  • suicide is okay, and so is hurting yourself
  • starving yourself isn’t bad
  • nobody loves you
  • Jesus can’t save you


I hate that Im so easy to give up on.

That nobody ever forms any real attachments to me as to where Im hard to let go.

Nobody’s ever fought for me. Ever.

The fact that people find it so easy to essentially discard me from their lives has never really sat well with me. I always wonder what factor I lack that makes people want to stay. That makes me worth a fighting chance. But I never say anything, because this is the only life I know.

It hurts more every time though… Cause when someone lets go so easily, especially when you dont want them to? That shit stings in the worst spot. And all Im left to really say is “oh”.